How to be sponsored?

You have two options.

1) You can ask a company to sponsor you or your training partner. Oulun Kamppailuklubi will send the bill to the company, order the patches, pay competition fee and Facebook marketing for the company and you will receive the products.

2) Oulun Kamppailuklubi will seek a sponsor.  Any competitor who's interested may sign up for this at the Klubistore and wait until a potential sponsor is found.

Sponsor package

Sponsored person receives:
-Gr1ps or Moya Kimono
-2 Oulun Kamppailuklubi patches and 2 AOF competitor patches
-Sign up fee paid for BJJ SM/FO etc. competitions

Sponsoring company receives:
-A slot in AOF competition patch (CARTEC)
-Visibility in Oulun Kamppailuklubi's facebook page

1 Sponsor package 250€ (vat 0%)
3 Sponsor packages 650€ (vat 0%)
5 Sponsor packages 1000€ (vat 0%)


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