Sport groups

Training courses for sports clubs are specific to martial arts types, with activating warm-ups and training individually, in pairs or in groups. Exercises include general athletic development exercises for mobility, balance and skill.

One of the prerequisites for becoming an athlete is the versatility that we strive to develop during the course. The course training is for everyone and is suitable for children as well as adults.

Courses offer variation in the group's own training, provide a new and varied stimulus to speed up development for enthusiasts, and increase the coach's exercise bank.

Oulun Kamppailuklubi has professional instructors. The course is led by Tuomas Ylinampa and Arto Vuoma, our Personal Trainers, who, in addition to numerous completed courses, have a bachelor's degree in Physical Education / Vocational Qualification in Coaching.

The exercises are controlled with a twinkle in the eye, but without forgetting the right way to do it! In addition, competitions can be included in the Sports section of the workouts, and the guided cool-down leaves a great feeling in the body and mind.

Learning and developing with a good feeling!


100€/h (incl. VAT)

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