Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a martial art that combines the most powerful techniques in many martial arts. It is a full-contact sport that uses versatile punching and kicking techniques combined with wrestling techniques. MMA fighting is often called the "king of martial arts" because the rules that restrict fighting are minimized. MMA is also known as shootfighting, ultimate fighting, shooto, mixfight, pancrase, freefight, vale tudo, NHB (no holds barred) and cage fighting.

Due to its versatility, MMA is a very active and effective sport that is suitable for both women and men. The beginner course in MMA is practicing stand-up fighting, takedowns, and the basics of mat competition. After the beginner course, you can move on to general group exercises. The beginner course also gives you the opportunity to take part in general Muay Thai, BJJ and submission grappling exercises.

Competing is MMA is possible. Competitions are held typically in a ring or a cage. The purpose is to win your competitor by using allowed punches, kicks, locks or chokes. Oulun Kamppailuklubi has both a ring and a cage that allows you for preparing to a match.

Beginner course

The beginner course is held together with other first-timers. No previous martial arts experience required! 

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