Muay Thai

Thai Boxing (Muaythai) is a martial art developed from ancient Thai warfare. Thai boxing is a type of stand-up fighting, with a variety of techniques involving different punches, elbow punches, kicks, knee kicks, catching and defense techniques as well as stand-up wrestling or thai wrestling. Wrestling on the ground is not part of this martial art. The matches take place in a boxing ring with referee and judges are evaluating the techniques of the competitors.

Although Muay Thai training is geared towards fighting, the sport has also evolved into an effective form of exercise and self-development.

In the beginner courses focus is on getting fit and learning basic techniques. After this, sparring, or training matches, will be included in the hobby groups. This is not mandatory, but typically everyone wants to spar because it is safe and power is limited. Enthusiasts focus more on fine-tuning techniques and the “match-eye”. Nonetheless, fitness increases and calories burn.

We also have Muay Thai courses for juniors.


Beginner course

The beginner course is held together with other first-timers. No previous martial arts experience required! 

👊Peruskurssilla tutustutaan lajin perusteisiin, mukaan voit tulla riippumatta kuntotasostasi!

👊Harjoittelu on erittäin turvallista. On todennäköisenpää loukkaantua liukastuessa kuin harjoituksissamme.

👊”Tervetullut olo joka kerta” Asiakaskyselyssämme yli 33% mainitsi erikseen ilmapiirin yhdeksi TOP 3 syistä harjoitella Kamppailuklubilla.

-Annamme peruskurssille 100% rahat takaisin tyytyväisyystakuun!

- Over 3000 members have completed our beginner course and over 1000 members are training with us regularly! Join our group!


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