Krav Maga

Krav Maga is an israeli close combat and self-defense system that is based on natural reactions during stressful situations. Krav Maga is developed purely for self-defense, and that is why there are no competitions, shows or rules, even though the art has a level system.

All techniques are aimed at being most effective during real situations. The sport focuses on ending the attack as quickly as possible to clear the way to safety. The military version focuses more on harming the enemy and avoiding coming attacks.


  • Avoiding threat (civil principle)
  • Removing threat
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Shifting from defending to attacking effectively
  • Using natural reflexes
  • Striking any vulnerable spot
  • Using any item and turning it to a weapon

The purpose is to remove immediate threat such as choking and then avoiding incoming attacks. Then the focus is to make the attacker harmless by making them incapable of fighting or unwilling to continue the assault.

Beginner course


The beginner course is held together with other first-timers. No previous martial arts experience required! 

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