Defendo is an excellent choice for someone who wants to learn effective self-defense quickly. Scandinavian Defendo is modern and linear self-defense, combat and power method.

The sport is based on Jyrki Saario's forty years of experience in the world's most powerful self-defense systems. Under his leadership, he has been involved in numerous development work with the world's foremost self-defense, force and melee trainers. Many professional self-defense, close combat and power coaches have joined to develop the sport under Saario's lead.

The purpose has been to create a self-defense system that really works. Scandinavian Defendo is based on real-life experiences: by analyzing them, the system has selected the most effective self-defense techniques and solutions for real emergency and force situations. Techniques and training methods have been refined over the years with great determination: only good and functional parts have been preserved.

This sport is optimized for modern threats and the sport has been internationally acknowledged and seen as one of the best self-defense methods worldwide.

The sport has a limited number of simple techniques. Instead of learning new and new techniques, students refine basic techniques and tactical behaviors and strengthen their mental strength. Defendo is an excellent choice for a person whose goal is to learn effective self-defense quickly.

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Beginner course

The beginner course is held together with other first-timers. No previous martial arts experience required! 

👊Peruskurssilla tutustutaan lajin perusteisiin, mukaan voit tulla riippumatta kuntotasostasi!

👊Harjoittelu on erittäin turvallista. On todennäköisenpää loukkaantua liukastuessa kuin harjoituksissamme.

👊”Tervetullut olo joka kerta” Asiakaskyselyssämme yli 33% mainitsi erikseen ilmapiirin yhdeksi TOP 3 syistä harjoitella Kamppailuklubilla.

-Annamme peruskurssille 100% rahat takaisin tyytyväisyystakuun!

- Over 3000 members have completed our beginner course and over 1000 members are training with us regularly! Join our group!


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