Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian Jujutsu (BJJ) is a martial arts and self-defense martial art developed by Brazilian Helio and Carlos Gracie based on various martial arts techniques used on the ground. The goal is to get your opponent to surrender with hand and foot locks or choke holds. Punches and kicks are not allowed. BJJ became known around the world in the early 1990s when the small-sized Royce Gracie won UFC freestyle competitions using BJJ techniques against his bigger opponents.

Brazilian jujutsu is great for all ages and sizes. The sport is a very effective and versatile sport. Starting from the beginner course, the exercises include body control, endurance and strength in addition to techniques. The techniques are applied in practice sparring. The sport requires patience and constant self-defeat, both mentally and physically.

The beginner course of Brazilian jiu jitsu goes through the basic techniques of the sport and improves fitness. After that, you can come to practice with general groups. After the beginner course, you will wear a jiu jitsu or judo suit. A belt value system is also in use. At the Oulu Martial Arts Club you can advance to the next belt based on general technical skills and martial arts skills.

You may choose to compete in BJJ. The Oulu Martial Arts Club has an active competing team that has been successful in both domestic and international competitions. It is easy to start competing as the groups are by belt and by weight.

We also have beginner courses for juniors and juveniles.

Beginner course

The beginner course is held together with other first-timers. No previous martial arts experience required! 

👊Peruskurssilla tutustutaan lajin perusteisiin, mukaan voit tulla riippumatta kuntotasostasi!

👊Harjoittelu on erittäin turvallista. On todennäköisenpää loukkaantua liukastuessa kuin harjoituksissamme.

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-Annamme peruskurssille 100% rahat takaisin tyytyväisyystakuun!

- Over 3000 members have completed our beginner course and over 1000 members are training with us regularly! Join our group!


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