Beginner courses are held monthly of the following martial arts: Brazilian Jiu jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Krav Maga, Defendo, Muay Thai and Boxing. Submission grappling exercises can be taken after the Brazilian Jiu jitsu or MMA beginner Course.

In addition to the beginner adult courses, there are also monthly BJJ beginner courses for juveniles aged 13-15. For children 6-12 years old JuniorBJJ and JuniorThai beginner courses are organized every two months. 

Adult & Juvenile beginner courses last 1 month. Junior beginner courses last 2 months.

The beginner course fee is 49€. It includes all beginner courses! Junior beginner courses (lasts 2 months) cost 80€. 

You don't need to purchase equipment for beginner courses. You will need a water bottle and some sports clothing (T-shirt, shorts). You don't need shoes.

Absolutely! All of our members have begun their training by joining a beginner course. Beginner courses are meant for people interested in martial arts and everybody starts at their own level.

The coaches of all beginner courses have a professional qualification in coaching. It is enough to come in and do your best! Professional coaches take care of improving fitness and learning the techniques of the sport.

Missing some beginner course classes doesn't exclude you from advancing to a next level of training.

If you wish, you can obtain comprehensive sports insurance from your insurance company for martial arts. Obtaining insurance is compulsory only when participating in competitions.

Tiikeripaini for ages 4-5.
JuniorBJJ and JuniorThai for ages 6-12v.
JuvenileBJJ for ages 13-15v.
Adult groups for ages 16 and upwards.

Specific booth is reserved for parents and friends where they can spectate the training.

Yes you can! Most of our members do not compete in their sport. Martial Arts is a great hobby for improving fitness, meet new people and learn martial art techniques.

Members of other martial arts clubs are welcome to join us for our guided training sessions, at no additional cost. We want to give all martial arts enthusiasts the opportunity to practice during their work/holiday travels. However, we always require prior notice of visitors and the duration.

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