Oulun kamppailuklubi - Finland's largest martial arts gym

Oulun Kamppailuklubi & Training for Warriors concept offers top class training in martial arts and functional training!

Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, acquire self-defense skills, develop an effective stand-up fighting technique or learn realistic grappling, our club offers a range of challenges.

The purpose of the club is to promote hobby and competition activities in the field of Self Defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu, Submission grappling, MMA and Muay Thai in Oulu. Our club operates in its own gym as part of the Adventure Center Terminaali at Tyrnävätie 16.

You are welcome to practice both in fitness and competition, whether you are a woman or a man. Physical strength is not a prerequisite for practicing martial arts or self-defense; under the guidance of professional coaches, everyone develops rapidly.


Our Tatami training area is 228m². In the black-yellow-green tatami area we have the highest quality tatami mats.

Oulun Kamppailuklubin sali tatami.

Stand-up fighting area

In the stand-up fighting area, we also have the same high-quality tatami on an area of 218m². The stand-up fighting area has 10 reserved spots for punching bags that are always available to our members when there are no guided exercises. On the wall, you will find kicking pads and all the necessary equipment for kicking/punching exercises.

Pystypuolella treenaataan thainyrkkeilyä, krav magaa, defendoa ja nyrkkeilyä.


The high-quality Foeldaek moleskin competition mats offers an excellent platform for eg. grappling and wrestling. Size of the mat is 11m x 11m, a whopping 121 square meter! Foeldaek moleskin mats have been used at the Olympics, the World Championships and the European Championships, so it's good for us too!

Molskissa treenataan, mm. Brasilialaista jujutsua ja vapaaottelua


Real full-size 6m x 6m boxing ring creates an atmosphere for training!

Oulun Kamppailuklubin kehä.


We also have the only MMA cage in Northern Finland! The 8 meter wide Octagon is a real place to practice mixed martial arts. We offer the opportunity to feel the cage from the inside, either during practice or matches, or from outside as a spectator of our events.

Pohjois-Suomen ainoa vapaaotteluhäkki!

Strength cave

At the end of the gym you will find a small "Strength Cave". Here you will find all the equipment you need for strength training: dumbbells, kettlebells, bench and two barbells. You can come here to do your individual strength training.



Training for Warriors dojo is available for free use for our members whenever there are no guided exercises. The TFW dojo is 264m² in size and has all the power training equipment you need. Racks with a total of 10 lifting spots, high quality barbells and enough weights guaranteed. We have a comprehensive range of kettlebells, ropes, gym rings, slings, tractor tires, sleds, weight vests, boxes, benches, rubber straps, etc.

Dojo puolella treenaataan TFW Oulun välineillä.

Sprint track

24 meters long sprinting track you can use for sprints or sleds! Sprint track is available for use when there is no guided exercises.

Sprinttirata Oulun Kamppailuklubilla


Follow ongoing workouts in comfortable padded stands! Perfect for parents who follow the exercises of their children. One booth is dedicated to training bags and first aid kit.

Kamppailuklubin omat lounget.

Locker rooms

Oulun Kamppailuklubin pukuhuone
Oulun Kamppailuklubin pukuhuoneet

Tyrnäväntie 16, 90400 Oulu

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